Looking for some extra funds to get that project off the ground? Check out the Grant page and learn more about what's available and how to apply.


Mission Networks are groups of seven or more churches that organize around a common issues and/or interests. Networks get direct funding from the Mission Coordination Committee and operate autonomously. Some Mission Networks provide their own grants! To learn more about each mission network, click on the links below. It learn about starting a network, contact Mission Specialist Mike McNamara:

Global Mission Network

Earth Care Network

Urban Ministry Network

Israel Palestine Network


The ideas page gives information about what NCP churches are doing, offers a list of organizations to get involved with and links to resources for mission and ministry.  Also check out Mike's Blog for more ideas.

Get Connected

Get on the Mission Chair's Mailing list (open to anyone, not just mission chairs), sign up for Mission Highlights, read Mike's blog, find out about upcoming events get connected to NCP Mission's twitter feed, ask questions!


Mission Teams work directly with the Mission Coordinating Committee and address specific issues.  Currently there are two Teams

Youth and Campus Ministry

Peace & Justice