Global Mission Wiki

A global mission wiki was recently created so congregations could maintain their own info regarding upcoming projects and programs. Click the WIKI button below to view and even edit the information in the wiki! 

Mission Highlight Videos

Here is a great place to start, check out what churches have been doing with these presbytery created videos!

Also check out the Mission Highlights page at the National Capital Presbytery's main page

Local Organizations

Check out this page of vetted local organizations to see where your congregation might get invovled

Church Programs

Check out what other National Capital Presbytery Churches are doing in the area.  Is your congregation doing something great? Pass on the info and it'll be up ASAP!

Global Organizations

Get involved with the National Capital Presbytery's Global Mission Network and learn more about what churches are doing internationally! 

Upcoming Events

Check out upcoming Mission events, as well asthe Presbytery's most current Thursday Mailing and the National Capital Presbytery's calendar!

Past Grant Recipients

Check out what local mission projects have received grants already!