Mission Coordinating Committee

The MCC is a Committee of National Capital Presbytery.  Its function is to serve as a catalyst for mission by connecting congregations with common local, national and international interests.  Together, we help the Presbytery to bear public witness - bringing a prophetic word to the powers and principalities of the world based upon the love, truth and justice of God in Jesus Christ.

Our primary work is in challenging, equipping and supporting congregations and their leaders in the discernment of God's invitation to discipleship.




The Committee meets at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month at Westminster, DC.  Our twelve members serve as liaisons for the various networks, teams and groups within the Presbytery as well as providing overall guidance as budget recommendations. 

Current members include:

  • Rev. Derek Longbrake (At Large)
  • Rachel Pacheco (Pilgrims)
  • Marcia Farabee (John Calvin)
  • Rev. Brian Hamilton (Westminster DC)
  • Rev. David Milam (St. Andrew)
  • Le Quan Turner (Westminster, DC)
  • Minh Towner (Vienna)
  • Mark Eakin (Warner Memorial)
  • Rev. Nancy Fox (National)
  • Rev. Mark Gaskil (Good Samaritan
  • Therese Taylor-Stinson (Northwood)

Grants for Congregations and Individuals

In addition to providing funding for Networks, the MCC is also able to provide funding for individual congregations and congregational partnerships around a variety of mission interests.  All grant requests have two parts - Part 1 (basic information) as well as Part 2.  

The last five years of grantees are available here:  MCC grants 2013 - 2018

For assistance in filling out the grants or to submit completed grant applications, please contact Karen Chamis at kchamis@thepresbytery.org   Please note that Network grants (when available) may require different forms, and should be submitted to the appropriate Chair of that Network.