Disaster Response Network

This evolving Network began in 2017 following the disastrous hurricane season.   The Presbytery put out a call for over-and-above Mission Giving, and the Presbytery responded generously which has helped to fund ongoing work in both of these hard hit areas of the United States.


Cigna Employee Assistance Program offers support

Whether anticipating a natural disaster or responding to its aftermath, the impact on affected people can be difficult and stressful.  Cigna EAP offers helpful ideas on self-care and ways to support others, as well as important links to community and government resources.   

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counseling and crisis assistance
Your EAP is available 24/7 for confidential assistance, crisis support and more.  Employees and their household members can call your company’s dedicated EAP toll-free number or call EAP – National Care Center at 1.800.554.6931 for support.

 Online Disaster Response Resources (No log in is needed to access)

Disaster Resource Support

Hyperlinks from the above link:

State by state disaster resources

Hurricane support resources

Coping with Traumatic Events  

Critical incident response services
If there is any way we can be of support, please call your EAP number for immediate assistance.    


Hurricane Harvey Response

Our initial response was to assemble Clean Up kits through Church World Service.  Information for assembling your own kit is here.  These kits are used throughout the world in response to disasters. 

The Presbytery sponsored a work team to partner with Fuller House (Houston) in mid-July 2018. 


For the most recent information on NCP’s Response, see our Facebook page!


Hurricane Maria Response

Our support of our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico has taken several forms.  Initially, we were able to respond with water purification kits as well as money for food and adult diapers.  As the year has progressed, we've begun to work with folks who are engaged in the area of mental health.  

In July, 2018, a team of folks from NCP traveled to Puerto Rico to assess how we might partner with those most affected.  A Recovery Work team from NCP returned in January 2019 to assist with rebuilding.  Check out our Facebook Page for more information about that response.