Networks, Teams, Groups, etc.!

Whenever multiple congregations and/or individuals from different congregations come together around an area of mission they are offered support and encouragement from of the Presbytery.  What distinguishes networks, teams and groups (etc!) is their size, goals and needs.



Comprised of seven or more congregations, Networks are organized around a particular issue for the purpose of action.  Networks may provide funding support to congregations and individuals, offer educational and recruitment opportunities and engage in Advocacy.  Networks are given a line item in the Mission Coordinating Committee's budget, and are guided by their established charters.  Current National Capital Presbytery Networks include:

Israel/Palestine, Earth Care Congregations Network, Refugee Ministry and Global Mission. We are also creating a local expression of Self-Development of People.




Teams are comprised of several interested congregations and/or individuals that are organized around a particular issue for the purpose of action.  Unlike Networks, they do not have their own budget line item, but are able to access funds by request through the Mission Coordinating Committee.  Teams are less established than Networks, which offers them greater nimbleness.  Current National Capital Presbytery Teams include:

Urban Ministry, Sanctuary, Disaster Response, College-Aged Ministry, the Arts Ministry team and Anti-Racism.


Groups, Etc.!

Short-term or experimental gatherings such as groups, etc. offer congregations and individuals the space and time necessary to discern how best to respond to a particular need.  These gatherings may result in the formation of a Team or Network, or may opt to not collaborate.  Funding and support may be available through the Mission Coordinating Committee.