6120 North Kings Highway, Alexandria, VA 22303
Phone: 703-768-8510           

Calvary has long sponsored Eagles' Wings, an award-winning tutoring program for students at Mt. Eagle Elementary school.  Expanding on that partnership, the congregation supports Cooking Around the World, in collaboration with Common Threads.  This innovative program educates children on the importance of nutrition and physical well-being.  Members also donate bimonthly to the United Community Ministries food pantry.

Twice a year, the congregation meets for a sending prayer and hymn and then goes to worship in the community by serving others.  Worshipful work in the past has included painting and cleaning affordable housing, making sandwiches for the homeless and assembling hygiene kits for use with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. 

CPC also participates in a Book Drive, collects Christmas shoeboxes for distribution by Samaritan's Purse and gives to support water wells through the Presbyterian Mission Agency.