Israel-Palestine Network

The Israel-Palestine Network carries out its ministry of education and advocacy within the Presbytery.


Goals and Objectives

1)  As disciples of Jesus Christ in the call to advance God's holy justice, we prayerfully seek od's guidance as we endeavor to joyfully, diligently and nonviolently work for the long-overdue liberation of the Palestinian people, both Christians and non-Christians.

2)  To continue to educate and mobilize NCP and its congregations to implement the limited boycott, divestment and sanctions measure passed by our General Assembly in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 which are Presbyterian policy.  we believe that, in accordance with established Presbyterian polity, our Presbytery, congregations, pastors, commissioners and educators have an obligation to educate our congregation's members on the substance and rationale of these official and well established Presbyterian Church USA policies - even if they may have, in some cases, personal reservations about the wisdom or practicality of these policies.

3)  To broaden our efforts to work interdenominationally and ecumenically in our efforts on behalf of Palestinian human rights and an end to the oppressive 50-year military occupation of the Palestinians and their land, as long advocated by the PCUSA in policy and in action.

Please consider joining our efforts!  Thank you!

Paul Verduin      cell  301-518-5551
Chair, Israel-Palestine Mission Network of the National Capital Presbytery
Member, Mission Coordination Committee, National Capital Presbytery
Commissioner to Presbytery for Rockville United Church
Member and Ruling Elder, Rockville United Church



Throughout our ten-year history, the Israel-Palestine Mission Network has always enjoyed the active participation of an informal membership--in most cases, ordained elders from seven or more National Capital Presbytery congregations whose identity has varied over time...Our group's informal voting membership has always been individual members of between seven and ten congregations who are active in our group at any given time.  However, we very recently approached nine congregations, asking them to become 'Sponsoring Congregations', which we define as congregations whose Sessions affirm the need for our Israel-Palestine Mission Network to actively function in our Presbytery, and are willing to promote and defend its stated purpose and goals if called upon to do so."  Would your congregation like to join with us?  Let us know pronto!

Our Charter (draft)

2017-2018 Annual Report