National Support

Being part of a connectional church means having support on various levels.  At the national level there are several areas where congregations can find support for their mission work.


Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA)

PMA links advocacy and social justice through efforts including the Office of Public Witness, Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  It also works for environmental justice, and hunger issues here and abroad.

PMA partners with more that 50 countries around the world in Global Mission efforts - sending mission co-workers and valuing collaborative efforts that address critical needs. 

Efforts toward confronting and dismantling racism are also a part of our national efforts.  Other areas of interest include the Young Adult Volunteer program and Theological Education. 


Office of the General Assembly (OGA)

The primary point of contact with the Office of General Assembly is in regards to issues surrounding Immigration.  From offering support for advocacy to providing legal resources for refugees and asylum seekers, the Office of the General Assembly works behind the scenes as well as on the front lines of caring for those who are foreigners.  (Deut 10:18-19)

affinity groups and PCUSA supported agencies

In addition to national support from the PCUSA, we are in a covenant relationship with several organizations.  We are members of the National Council of Churches, who have begun to take an active role against racismChurch World Service provides opportunities for congregations to sponsor refugees, provide kits (school, hygiene as well as disaster buckets) and to offer community CROP walks against hunger.

We also have several affiliate organizations that assist congregations that wish to focus on Peacemaking, Fossil-Fuel Divestment and Israel/Palestine.